Our courses are not heavy on theory but rather full of practical information that you can begin using today.
Our only job is to make your job easier!


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Mission: To provide professionals the tools they need to be more effective in the workplace.   

Purpose: To inspire, motivate and create passion in the work you do.    

Course Development: CEU Outlet focuses on both mental health and medical professions. Courses are reviewed for compliance by IBCCES and state licensing boards.   

CEU Outlet History: We were founded in 1999.  We are proud to have pioneered many of the first homestudy course programs and on-line CEU standards used by regulatory boards. 

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What People Are Saying:

"Convenient, clear and current!"

"I'm retired but still wanted to keep up my license. Thank you for the affordable opportunity to do so!"

"Your staff was so kind and helpful. It was service like no other!"

"My profile stores my certificates...priceless!"

"So fun! Im addicted to CEU Outlet!"

"This was good use of my time and provided clear and succinct information that I will use in my practice."
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