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Children with Visual Impairments - Serving and Understanding their Needs

This course is designed to provide you with essential knowledge and skills to support children with visual impairments.

Our course includes a PDF of presentation information, a video, and an online exam, all of which are aimed at enhancing your understanding of this important topic.

Our objectives for this course are to help you understand the different types of visual impairments, to explore what is "typical" about children with vision impairments, to learn how to best serve these children, and to introduce you to tools that can enrich the learning environment for visually impaired children.

By taking this course, you will earn 2 CE hours in the treatment category and will gain valuable insights into how to support children with visual impairments in your practice.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understanding types of visual impairments
  • What is "Typical" about children with vision impairments
  • How to best serve these children
  • Tools that enrich the learning environment